The Joy of Cooking?

I’ve always said I do love cooking but it’s unrequited…haha! My experiments can be a hit and miss. Okay, maybe more misses than hits, whatever. So, having my own food truck is a little weird.

It took me a good 18 months to get our Churros recipe just right. Mind you, when the season changes, there’s a mad rush to adjust the flour to liquid ratio. That’s super stressful. When my Churros are not up to scratch, I obsess about it for days. I look forward to the next market or event to redeem myself. Often, hubby and kids are left perplexed because to them, the Churros they tasted were fine. That’s the thing. When running your own business, you’re so invested in it, physically, emotionally and mentally, that seemingly minute details are glaringly obvious. Given cooking doesn’t feel the same way about me as I to it, I’m acutely aware of (perceived) imperfections. This explains my head-held-sky-high feeling of intense pride, when we receive unsolicited praise from customers, that have just eaten our food. It’s the best feeling. For me, it’s like cooking and I have a reached an understanding, at least until the next batch of ‘just okay’ Churros!

So, when you’ve enjoyed a meal, especially from a small business owner, do let them know. It would mean the world to them, guaranteed.

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